President/ Head Coach


  • President/ Founder of Mamba Boxing Club
  • UCONN Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science
  • NASM certified
  • USA Boxing certified
  • TRX certified
  • dotFIT certified
  • Pre/ Post- Natal certified
  • Apprentice to Jeff Mayweather
  • Over 10 years PT Experience (Personal/ Physical Training)
  • Official, Judge and ex fighter with USA Boxing
  • Trained pro fighters such as Steve Forbes, Gerald Tucker Jr. (now trainer to Floyd Mayweather), Keith Hunter and more.
  • Experience in various gym settings; privately owned businesses, franchises, corporate fitness clubs, and boxing clubs/ gyms such as Mayweather Boxing Club
  • Trained under Roger Mayweather as a fighter and later on as a coach
  • Martial Artist/ student of Tang Soo Do & TKD under Master Ha Kwangjin
  • Experienced Runner 5k, 10k, 13.1



  • University of Vermont Graduate
  • NASM certified
  • USA Boxing certified coach/ official
  • Years of PT experience
  • Loyola College Soccer Coach, Missoula, MT
  • 7 years experience boxing/ training under Jourdan



  • Cornell Graduate
  • Highschool principal
  • USA Boxing certified coach
  • Years of boxing experience
  • Trained with Jourdan for over 10 years
  • TKD experience



  • USA Boxing certified coach
  • Spars and trains with boxers
  • Father and specializes in working with children
  • Big time fight fan



  • USA Boxing Certified
  • Extensive Boxing Experience
  • Trains and spars fighters
  • Great observationist
  • Filmographer and photographer (artist)